Does anyone know much about the women of the wars of the roses in 1450-1485? Watch

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This is for my wars of the roses coursework essay which considers the influence of women. I am focusing on Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret of Anjou and Margaret Bofourt. Anyone know much about these women and how responsible they were for the wars of the roses?
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You might want to include Cecily Neville too, that would balance the sides.
At the moment you have two Lancastrians and a single Yorkist.
Cecily Neville was the wife of Richard 3rd Duke of York, she was descended from the powerful Earls of Warwick and Plantagenet royalty.
Her two sons Edward IV and Richard III were both Yorkist Kings.

Margaret Beaufort was probably the most central and successful figure in reestablishing the fortunes of the House of Lancaster post Yorkist monarchy.
Descended from Plantagenet royalty, Margaret was an heiress and child bride married aged 12 to King Henry's VI 17 year old half brother.
Widowed and pregnant aged 13, her ambitions revolved around her only child Henry Tudor- later Henry VII.
Margaret Beaufort married three times, twice after her son's birth to influential aristocrats who could be of assistance in bringing her son to the throne. She initially focused on gathering the allies necessary to consolidate a power base that could challenge the reigning Yorkists who had ended Lancastrian rule and deposed her brother in law.
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