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So I've always dressed sort of like a tomboy but for some reason now I've started to feel very insecure about it as I've realised that people are probably making giant assumptions based on what I'm wearing.

I wear a lot of flannel (less so recently but I still own quite a few shirts) - I find it very comfortable and I just love the look personally - I have since I was a kid. I also love wearing baggy sweatshirts and T-shirts. I never wear dresses - unless I'm going *out* out - or generally girly tops or anything. I also hardly ever wear make up because I'm awful at it and just don't have the time to apply it every morning.

The other day, I bought some dr Martens because I personally love the style and how they look and have owned a quite a few similar looking type of boot in the past. I like them very much however on the internet I discovered that apparently they have quite a reputation for being a 'butch' type of shoe. This eventually sent me down a rabbit hole to question my entire style in general. Are people seriously assuming my sexuality based on the type of boot I'm wearing or the fact that I'm wearing flannel?

And also can I clarify, I am NOT homophobic at all - I think anyone can have any sexual preference they want unless it's like ethically questionable or something. I just think that it's rather unfair for people to assume who you are attracted to based on what clothes you wear. It's like there's this giant stereotype that lesbians dress a certain way and straight girls dress a certain way when they don't - people should be able to dress how they like without people assuming their sexuality based on their fashion sense alone. So this turned into a rant, it wasn't supposed to.

My actual point was that this has left me feeling very insecure about what I'm wearing since for one, I'm not even fully certain of my sexuality at the moment (I'm pretty sure I'm attracted to guys but am uncertain about whether I'm into girls or not) and I don't like the idea of everyone putting a label on me for something so trivial. Am I over reacting or not? I want to dress how I like but I also don't want men to not see me as an option...
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I don’t think you’re overreacting, I’m kinda in the same position where many people thought I was a lesbian even though I’m not just because I sometimes dress a bit tomboy it’s unfair but there’s not much u can do about it

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