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Welcome to my 2018/19 Grow Your Grades Blog

Introduction and a little bit of background information about me!
Hello! I'm Lauren, and thank you for taking the time to read my grow your grades blog! I've just started year 13 today, and it was tiring. I'm hoping this blog will help me stay focused and motived to keep up with my revision and my current college work and what not.

The latter half of my secondary school life was disrupted quite severely and my school sucked - so my GCSE grades suffered despite being quite an academically capable student who loves to learn! So, I'm really looking to make up for my lack-lustre GCSE grades at A-level! I'm also currently 19, and I have been in and out of college due to mental illness.

My GCSE Grades [2015 & 2018]
English Language - B
BTEC Sport - Pass
Mathematics [2015] - D
Mathematics [2018] - 5
Science - C
English Literature [withdrawn]
History [withdrawn]
Art [withdrawn]
Music [withdrawn]

If you're interested in what happened at school for this to happen, I'll include an explanation in a spoiler - so people who don't want to see don't have to!

I was sexually assaulted by my male best friend at the beginning of year 10. I informed a teacher as he was present in most of my classes, and I couldn't bare to be near him. The school told me "it's just an accusation, there's nothing we can do. We'll move your seats around, so just go back to lesson." I didn't go back to lesson that day, and my attendence began to drop. When I would come into school, I would cry and cry and nothing was ever done.

The school said that I would have to leave and study at home if it wasn't going to improve and that I would have to drop most of my subjects - and so I was sent home with virtually no learning materials or guidance from my school.

I did go to the police about the incident in 2015, and they said the school should never have done what they did and that every case is an allegation until proven guilty. I had interviews etc and made a statement but there wasn't enough evidence because I had been too afraid to go earlier.

Also, the school was in special measures already and even cheated during the BTEC sport exam to make it an 'easy pass' for everyone.

What I currently study and predictions!

I currently study:
BTEC Applied Law (Pearson)
A-level History (AQA)
A-level Government and Politics (Edexcel)
My Mock Results:
Law [real exam] - D*
History - B
Politics - B
Predicted Grades!
Law - D*
History - A
Politics - A

Universities I'm thinking of applying to + courses
Durham University - Combined Honours in Social Sciences - A*AA
Newcastle University - Politics and Sociology - ABB
University of Leeds - Politics and Sociology - AAB
University of York - Social and Political Sciences - AAB
Struggling to pick a fifth...any suggestions will be taken gratefully!

What I'm focussing on now + what my GYG posts will consist of!
Right now, I'm focussing on my History coursework and it is horrible! The research has taken me hours over the holidays, and I still have the extended research to complete. I'm also focussing on recapping my content from last year and making more concise and colourful notes.

My GYG blog will be my journey to hopefully D*AA and I'll be covering what it's like to study A-levels when struggling with a mental illness, how my coursework is coming along, any mock exams I have, the entire UCAS application process and the lead up to exams and results day!

Last but not least, thank you so much for taking the time to read my initial post and please do let me know if you'd like to be tagged for regular updates and please do ask any questions you may have about anything!

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