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Hello everyone,
I just started IB year one and in the future I want to pursue neuroscience or biotechnology or something in that field. My subjects right now are :
  • english a language and lit HL
  • psych HL
  • biology HL
  • chem SL
  • math SL
  • arabic SL

i want to go to universities in the U.K. or Canada. Now as I was looking at requirements for scholarship in my country I found out that I need chemistry HL and biology HL with a score of at least 5. Now my option is to take chemistry + bio + psych HL .
I’m scared of the workload being too much and I end up getting lower score or something goes wrong. What should I do?
If you are taking this combination please tell me your experience with it and how you cope with it.
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English HL is 50% coursework which is absolutely easy to get at least a 6 in. I got 7s from all my HL coursework (IAs) so im guaranteed 50% level 7.
I take HL maths and am getting 5s/6s, but hoping for 7 prediction.
Chemistry isnt that bad; watch Richard Thornley on youtube and do past papers
Biology is easy; thats memorising.
Maths is also easy at SL
Arabic idk

Getting at least a 5 in both bio and chem is way easier than you make it seem.

How to cope with it? By studying ever since day for hours and hours and sacrificing sleep for more studying. By not going out as much. By investing money into paid resources, like revision village for maths. By doing past papers. And by being lucky.
Im having either 44 or 45 predicted with tough subjects. I've done, so can you.
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I took that combo and got 7 in Psychology and 6s in Bio and Chem. It honestly was fine - there's a lot to remember but it's definitely far from impossible. Psychology is super straight forward once you've nailed the essay structure. Biology is a lot of sheer memorisation which anyone can do when you've found the right technique for you. Chemistry is also a lot of memorisation, but also getting your head around the more complicated topics. If you're doing subjects you love (and based on what you want to study, it sounds like you do), then there's nothing to worry about because you will be willing to put the time in. The way the course is structured means you won't just be learning pure theory but also the social and environmental impacts of the information which I loved and how you can apply it to real-world situations.

The IA is also a godsend to boost your grade as long as you find a topic that can easily checkmark every point on the mark scheme. My IA topics were a little weird but my write-ups were decent and I went through them as if I were an examiner and tried to make sure everything they were expecting was in there and I got 7s in them all. I would definitely recommend making them as polished as you can, especially if you think the exams will be your downfall.

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