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Hey guys. So I am from Bangladesh and I got 77 in CIE AS Law. The thing is, CIE Law is infamous for low grades in our country and most people end up with Cs, Ds and Es. I think this is because teachers cannot teach it as it is supposed to be taught, unlike Edexcel Law, where many students end up with As and A*s. Now, in my city Dhaka 90% students of the country give A levels. However, most are Edexcel students and CIE is comparatively rarer and I doubt it is available in other cities (A levels is provided in one or two more cities in the country only). Now, CIE Law is rare even among CIE subjects and I doubt there has been more than 20-30 students who sat for CIE Law. Now, from my teachers (there are like 3 or 4 CIE Law teachers and I know 2 of them) I have learned that I got the highest mark. I know people who got 74, 72 and so on but no one got 77 or above other than me. So, I had two questions.

1. If I end up getting the highest mark, will I be provided with an award for it? CIE gives a High Achievement Award for subjects with low participation but mentions that it will not be provided in case of an 'insufficient' grade. I asked them what grade they mean by insufficient, and they refused to answer me. Is anyone able to make an educated guess? My teachers also don't know anything and told me to wait and see if I get an email (for the award).

2. This is more important actually. Even if I don't get recognised for getting the highest UMS, if my Law teacher mentions in my reference that I got the highest among all his students, and all other candidates he know despite getting a 77, will this add positives to my application? Thanks in advance

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