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Hello! I have finished year 13 and decided to take a gap year to help flesh out my work experiance and extracurriculars / shadowing, i have a trip planned to help at an orphanage in Bangladesh, as well as a GP and Orthopedics shadowing (I have volunteered at a Retirement home for almost 2 years). My personal statement is good (if i do say so myself ;P), and i achieved A*AA at Alevel in Chemistry, Biology and English Lit. However as is commom (it seems) with people asking on this form about medicine, is the GCSEs, in which i completly slacked off on ;(, i ended up with 877766664, i can not see any other course i would want to take (trust me i have looked) other than Medicine, however after seeing the high GCSE requirements for even the schools that supposedly 'ignore' GCSEs, it leaves me wondering if i would even get past the initial 'screening' and actually have a decent chance. Or would i be better off applying for a biomed course and trying to transition that into GEM? Thanks for reading i know its a lot!

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