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hello welcome to my world, where I revise economics and still manage to fail it. Recently I did a level micro and macro paper 50/50 which was out of 88 marks and I got a terrible 31 which turned out to be a U. Before we broke up for Summer holidays we were told that everyone that got a U has to resit the paper, so I did... 33 marks out of 88 after resit, I know.. i'm a consistent student 😁😭😭😭. Before we broke up we were offered to do btec level 3 finance or business *equivalent to A level* or atleast the people that did poor. Now Ive heard a story of a girl that got an E and ended up with an A or A* at the end of year. Ive just started my 2nd year and I Dont know if to continue this...

I was planning to study at uni or do an apprentership.

My teacher also said that what I got in the TRIAL + 1 grade will be my ucas prediction... Now with a D I dont think ill go far...

How I revised:
Ive redone all my notes on subject booklets.
ive went through the notes once and highlighterd them.
looked at mark schemes and past papers, didnt write them**

Im wondering if it would benefit me more to study the btec for last year instead of revising for a fail.
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Here's what I'd suggest:

- study using the syllabus (I swear if you type that out in the search box, you'll see that I have been giving this advice A LOT)

- ALWAYS make notes using the syllabus objectives and then keep studying those notes plus use them whilst doing past papers. These notes should be like an "answer" to all the bullet points / objectives in the syllabus

• students must know the value of pi

your note should be:
- pi has the value of 3.14159...

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