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Hey guys,

I want to do a masters conversion to get into iT and was confused on which conversion course to pick out of these listed below.

I have no computing knowledge atm so am thinking its best to go for a broader degree rather than specific like cyber security MSC?

The careers i am looking at in the future are network engineer or cyber security.

So the broader options information system and computing based:

Was thinking these so i get a basic understanding of everything at least like databases, basic prgoramming and information systems and security.

Or just cyber security option:

But i feel with the 2 broader ones above i would have more options and have a decent undertsanding of lots of things, whereas if i did the cyber security i wouldnt know anything about other basic stuff since of course not doing bachelors in computing/IT.

Any help really appreciated.

Also are there any other big growing fields with good career progression other than networks and cyber security

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