A Level Revision Resources For; Business, French & Psychology?

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Ever since GCSE, I have found it difficult to revise (switching between different methods of recalling information, using different resources etc.) Came out with good results in the end but when A-Levels started this changed. My first year mocks weren’t the greatest (scraped passes in most) and that was due to lack of a good revision schedule as well as accurate information from resources (especially in Psychology).

Now transitioning into second year, I am starting to realise the importance of utilising as much time as possible as well as having useful resources which are easy to recall information from.

Below I will list what I am currently using for each subject:

Business - My Revision Notes Hodder Education Guide, Tutor2u (numerous resources), AQA Year 1 + Year 2 Textbook (mainly use @ school), notes from class.

French - Mostly class notes, Edexcel A-Level Textbook, AQA Grammar & Translation Workbook, The Blue Pocket (Verbs), “Mot à mot (hodder vocabulary book), Dynamic Learning, illini.fr

Psychology - Class Notes (Mainly from one teacher, other teachers notes are less accurate/clear), Google Scholar, CGP A Level Revision Guide (Very inaccurate, used for mocks but answers were marked down for inaccuracy).

Trying to organise myself now for the year ahead, would appreciate any advice for both different resources I can be using for each subject as well as any styles of revision people can recommend (I know everyone revises differently but general/universal tips for effective and productive revision would be helpful!

Apologies for long post, thanks for reading

Look forward to hearing back from everyone itt.


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