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Hi everyone,

If you are interested in medical school interview courses, we offer a one day training course where we cover the vast majority of topics covered in medical school interview – around 90% in fact from our own research.

We are different from other providers in that we are fully qualified doctors who teach medical students at UCLAN, Manchester and Lancaster medical schools. We only do a few courses a year but do travel around the country, including Scotland.

Whilst learning from a book – providing it is not outdated – will give you a good background knowledge of what can be asked in interviews, we believe the best way to prepare for this is to be taught, just like at sixth form, and practice with live feedback from medical school tutors. It’s also the most enjoyable way to prepare!

The vast majority of medical school applicants are by definition very bright academically. However, many students simply lack confidence, despite having a very good knowledge base. Some schools offer training for medical school applicants – and have active medicine societies and forums in which students can learn together. You are in competition with each other and this sometimes inhibits effective sharing of ideas. Some of you also have family members who are in the medical profession – this does offer a distinct advantage if you are able to get them to help you prepare.

There will always be stations that you simply cannot adequately prepare for – the forum rules stops me from posting some examples on here. There is also increasingly practical tasks which are often based on skills that you will learn in year one of medical school.

Please have a look and get in touch if you have any questions:-

The Blue Peanut Medical School Interview Course

P.S. If you are from Clitheroe Grammar School or Bacup and Royal Grammar School sixth forms, we are planning to host a full MMI circuit for you so get in touch with your head of sixth form!

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