Why doesn't my sister believe the bullying?

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My sister just does not believe me when I say my uncle, aunt's have bullied me and she says "something's new everytime". I haven't said much about it but she just doesn't believe me.

I've been saying this for the last 2 years and yes there is also still bullying going on. Even they hate my father and when I said "see they do things to our father" my sister just says "you guys are just making it worser".

When my father said they don't like him or said things towards him. I told her the other day to just stop going to there house often and don't be so amicable towards them which she goes "[U]why are you trying to ruin my life".How am I ruining her life? Aren't they trying to ruin my and my father's life?

Seriously, I've been crying a lot about this and she still doesn't believe it? W

If someone bullied and abused your sibling quite badly, would you be so nicey-nicey towads the bullies (even if you were a friend)?
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It's shame on her for not believing you and even your dad! I agree how is it making her life worse?

If someone bullied my brother/sister I would cut them off, shame on her for not believing you even after the tears and consistently saying this.

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