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Is re-doing a level 3 BTEC course (the new specification with external assessments) considered a "re-sit" if you already have the subsidiary diploma? What exactly is a "re-sit"?

Last course year (2017/2018) I was doing a BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science - the course that is 2 years long and has units that are externally assessed, I left only months after being on the course (just before the course was finished) due to some issues that came up. It was after I done the unit 1 exam and unit 3 exam practical/written (I passed them all), plus another whole unit that contained a few assignments. I didn't finish doing all the assignments for the units given on the first year. When I left the course I got told by one of the teachers that I had already achieved the subsidiary diploma, but I am nearly sure that was only to convince me to stay on the course because I had not turned all the assignments that I was meant to finish for the first year.
In this course year (2018/2019) I enrolled for a BTEC National Foundation Diploma in Applied Science in a different college - the qualification that last only 1 year and has two units that are externally assessed which is unit 1 and unit 3 (which are the units that I done and passed in the last course year, 2017/2018).
This time I will be able to stay on the course and finish. It's another college and I have not told them that just a few months ago I was on a BTEC course doing science and that I had done the new unit 1 and unit 3 exams; I was too worried about being refused.
Is what I am doing considered a "re-sit"? If so I will have to let my new tutor know and pay for the extra exam fee, that isn't a problem but I feel it will cause trust issues, it's a very bad thing that I hadn't let him know.
Is what I am currently doing allowed in this new BTEC specification with external assessments? I will be doing unit 1 and unit 3 again.
I have emailed BTEC about this but the answer I got was not clear, I guess I got them confused.
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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