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I'm having problems with a possible setup for my laptop, monitor and ps4 at uni.

I don't know where to start with monitors. I will be using it to plug in my ps4, my laptop and a chromecast to watch tv. I've seen most monitors only have one port and idk if using a splitter affects performance. For my laptop, I have an xps 13 and I'm not sure if I need a thunderbolt cable or just a normal usb c to hdmi. I have no idea what thunderbolt is and what difference it makes. My budget for a moniter is about £150

I also notice lots of monitors don't have speakers. I don't want to spend a whole load on speakers and I don't want to get bulky ones as I have to move out after every term. I wanted to get a wireless speaker that can also work on ac if necessary. I don't want to use bluetooth with the moniter, and I don't want to charge the speaker every night. I want to leave it plugged in to power like normal speakers but I hear that doesn't work. I need help with figuring out how to have a speaker that can act as a typical part of a tv sort setup with the ability to go bluetooth
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