Ed excel English Literature poetry exam tommorow..

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I have an exam tommorow which is the Literature Paper 2. How do i answer a poetry question? Do you have to do 1 paragraph each on voice, themes language structure, then a conclusion? If you do, then i dont know what to put for voice. Any help for that?
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Any question you receive regarding poetry in the exam will be based on comparison; with this in mind, I would recommend starting with an introduction, no longer than one or two sentences, stating that you will be comparing the poem in the question with your chosen poem on a particular theme (which will be in the question). You are provided with the anthology in the exam.

You should follow this introduction up with three paragraphs: one comparing how the poets use form to present the question's theme; one comparing how the poets use language to present the question's theme; one comparing how the poets use structure to present the question's theme. You should aim to use two examples in each paragraph. I also strongly recommend using at least three quotes from your chosen poem. You should aim to embed many quotes as evidence for your interpretations on the question's poem, especially since the text will be right in front of you. These three paragraphs can be written in any order, I personally went with form first, language second and structure third.

Finally, finish off with a conclusion condensing what you have just wrote in the main body of your answer.

I believe this is a winning formula. It served me well, and full marks in poetry for the real exam is a testament to its success.

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