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Using examples, explain the extent to which coastal landforms are influenced by
human intervention.
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For the intro I would start to talk about what coastal landforms are and mention some different types of them giving a brief overview of how they are formed - remember keep it brief so just mention about erosional and depostitional processes - also define any other key words from the question you think are important

You need to talk about both the human and physical factors to create a 2-side argument. Start with human factors - creating a short paragraph for each factor - don’t waffle and try to keep it brief but informative. Then contrast this with physical factors. Depending on how many marks this question is worth - for a 12 marker I would recommend 2 paragraphs for human and 2 for physical - 16 marks I would recommend 3 for one and 2/3 for another depending on timing - 20 marks I would recommend 3/4 for each again depending on time. Remember if you don’t have enough time, you can include your conclusion in the intro but you have to do answer the question otherwise you risk losing valuable marks.

Human might include: sea defences such as groynes affecting long shore drift - an example here may be withernsea where groynes in Hornsea have starved it of sediment meaning it is more vulnerable to erosion, building on top of cliffs - this can lead to slumping or landslides - an example would be Holbeck Hall Hotel in Scarborough
Physical might include: long shore drift, energy in the environment (affecting types of waves and so the landforms created), also could depend on rivers - an example would be Lulworth Cove where a river cause the limestone to wear away and allowed erosion to the softer rock behind it creating a cove

Then you need a conclusion, summing up which you think is more important in the landforms and answering the question.

I hope this helps

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