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Explain why defence spending is seen as crucial to the development of superpower status?

What would be a good answer to this question, help appreciated
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I would start with an intro defining key words: superpower, hard power, and soft power. Then I would give a brief explanation to what makes a superpower for example - cultural influence, military leverage - and end by saying today’s superpower is USA

Then I would talk about how defence spending is important. So in the past it was used as hard power - it was a physical threat - and how now it’s more soft power - so it’s more of an influential factor. Here you could give examples such as the USA and how they have military bases around the world - especially in Asia and the Middle East - convinient for oil and gas supplies. You could then go on to talk about how China (the worlds largest spender of defence) doesn’t have the largest military and is unable to provide a blue water navy - crucial to be an international threat - showing that although China spends a lot of money on defence, they still do not have superpower status because of physical factors - if China were to rise to superpower status, it would need to claim the South China Sea and the Chain islands

I would then end with a conclusion answering the question - is defence spending the most important factor? If you run out of time you can always do this in the intro but always remember to directly answer the question

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