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Hi, I’m 19 and only today have I come to the realisation that I really don’t know what I’m doing when I meet a girl.

I took a gap year where I basically did nothing at all and it was fun cause school and sixth form were stressful and in that time I didn’t talk to girls at all.

Since starting uni I’ve really enjoyed speaking with girls again and being confident and flirting/teasing a little but then I really don’t know what to do after that. Especially in lectures and classrooms. Like how do I maintain friendships and then build relationships with women? Girls always seem to appear for a day and we hit it off and then I never see them again. I always fall for girls that are “out of my league” (leagues don’t exist but they’re always unattainable women for whatever reason). How do I focus on building relationships with girls I actually speak to? Thanks.
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Best relationships are built on friendship.Just chill out a little and chat without thoughts of anything further. You may be trying a bit too hard. Easy to say just be yourself but it's true. (Unless you chew raw garlic, worship the lizard people and dress as a Eurovision tribute act..then you might be a bit niche!). Let it all happen in its own time. You'll be fine.
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It's a common problem. What you're doing sounds fine. Where you sense some interest returned ask the person out. Otherwise keep flirting and having a wide circle of friends. Appearance and humour seem to be the most powerful drivers of attraction so optimise both as much as you can.

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