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I've had my current HSBC account for about 8 years now, which I opened when I was 11 or something. Now... over the years I've forgotten pretty much all the security stuff they made us have and also changed the way I sign my name.

Well so far this hasn't been a problem since I only use the account to hold what I get paid from my job for all of the few days before I spend it. However if I go into the bank to change it to a student account for example. Would this cause much of a problem?
I could prove who I am and everything, so I suppose I could be okay.

Also, what do people thing is the best bank to go with for a student account? or are they all pretty much the same these days? I remember a few years ago they used to offer things to attract students, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore from what I've seen.
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You will probably be ok with upgrading you account if you have the proof of identity. I'm with Natwest and they never normally ask me any security stuff in branch its mainly used for internet and phone access.

Banks still do have things to attract students but they only offer this during the summer near to when people start uni. So if you wait a few months you will find banks offering railcards and money and things. Or you could go for an account with a high interest free overdraft.

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