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Which was the greater threat to stability in Italy from 1896 to 1914
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(Original post by BritanniaPride)
Which was the greater threat to stability in Italy from 1896 to 1914
Surely its asking you to do a middle of the road weigh both sides up and then choose essay.

Alternatively pick a side from the beginning and show why it was the greater threat when compared to the other. Either way you can get a good mark.

It isnt a trick question and it wont matter what side you choose. What they are interested in is the quality of your research, the way you investigate and structure your essay, use of evidence, reasoning of points and quality of evaluation.

If you dont know what to do, then take the middle of the road approach and do your research identifying 6-10 incidents or factors which you believe were pressure points that had the greater threat to stability.

You can then write your essay in roughly 4 parts.
1. Introduction and conduct of investigation.
2. The case for socialism and the threat to stability.
3. The case for nationalism and the threat to stability.
4. Evaluation and any other factors.

When youve written your 4 mini essays then you can piece it together. History questions are less about a definitive right or wrong answer but more your ability to investigate , understand and present a point of view.

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