Anyone know how to get enough sleep with school

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So I’m struggling to get enough sleep with school. I get 7 hours on a rare occasion usually 5-6 is the Goal. This is because my teachers set so much homework for us that I’m spending over 4 hours on it and other people in my classes are having the same problem. It feels like for RS every lesson there’s 2 scriptures to learn as well as a page and a half of questions and 2 pages of notes. And if we don’t do it then straight on after-school detention same goes if the teacher isn’t happy with your result. On top of this I get a hour minimum of math homework a day, 30 minutes-1 hour of English every day and about 20-30 minutes from most of the other subjects. A lot of the times I’m having to do some of it during my lunch period (not the day it’s due but the day it’s assigned) just so I can actually have a break to eat. Anyone got any advice for getting more sleep
Kaja Koz
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Here’s my advice, may work, may not - but I used to struggle with a problem and fixed it like this:

Get home as soon as possible every day, immediately get to doing homework (if possible, write it up on a computer - since it’s faster to type rather than write) do homework on the day you get it if you don’t already. Try and make a strict sleeping schedule, for example, I go sleep at 22:00, and wake at 4:00. This is particularly helpful especially for homework. When you wake up finish off any homework you have to do. This was you can easily get 6 hours of sleep everyday, and even some free time, possibly.

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