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Well some one called me on block and it was the guy that I catfished .. he said he feel like cursing me out and calling me the b word . He asked me did my mom speak to me about the convo he had with her a while ago I said yea . Then he said that I hate him and that I don’t care about him . I mean I’m trying to keep my distance and not be stuck with being attached to him.. idk something is wrong with him . He said he’s still obsessed over the girl I said are u serious he said yea I wouldn’t lie to u *****,it ,***** whatever you are . I said u like when I’m depressed . He said loves the girl and don’t want her depressed .. I felt like chopped liver .. then what got worse he said he’s **** is hard he kept saying it and how he wants to have sex with me because I’m a virgin. And how he’s not going to pull out and that I got to take a plan b . That I got to give head . I said no I won’t do none of that . He said yes you are then after a while hangs up on me .. I don’t what the heck is his problem
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