This is the universe and law of attraction works

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Everything is energy:

1) You attract who you are (not what you want)- in thoughts, actions
2) You attract through you heart
3) Thoughts do attract things (just think positive thoughts)

We may have destiny, however, there is karma and the more genuinely good we do, the more good we reap, the more kind we are, the more good that comes back to us.

People idle talk, gossip while what they don't know is if they keep doing that, it will just keep their ideal job, money away. What we put out will come back to us. The more good we do, we may suddenly get a promotion or meet someone who could help us or even come across information that may help us advance in some way.

Be kind, fun, generous, respectful, love your parents, have gratitude in the now.

The universe is all energy.

We all have individual destiny's and karma.

However we can change our future and next lives right NOW.

That is being more positive.

1) We attract by our:

-In our heart
-How we feel
-What our predominant thought is on
-In the now (we are creating our future)

Good thoughts can bring us good things such as: honesty, kindness, compassion, fairness, generosity and also acts of it.

Bad thoughts such as: anger, frustration, anxiety, jealousy, dishonesty, impurity keep things away.

What we give is what we will get:

-if you idle talk, gossip, cheat someone, wish bad luck to people, it will all come back to you, you may not get the job you was hoping for or the love.

The greatest gift we can give is love, kindness, fairness, generosity, money.

Be more positive towards others, more fun, gentle.

If you want a beautiful women, think all women are beautiful in your heart and the universe will bring what your focus is on.

To attract what you want, give it first, give love first, give it first.
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You sound like Sheldon Cooper when he was coffee 😂

Sorry I had to 😂
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You know The Secret is in the fiction section for a reason.

Jokes aside, the Law of Attraction is only a certain percentage correct and true, and not for the reasons you think. Improvement and progress occur through visualization because we are visually-driven creatures. It served a very useful evolutionary purpose, and we can still take advantage of it now. However if you say that we attract things by using our imagination because the universe conspires to help us and attracts what we seek then I'm going to have to call you out on that woo-woo crap.

Everything might have energy, like gravitational potential energy or kinetic energy, but that does not mean that somehow our thoughts or consciousness can alter said energy in any way. That is woo-woo nonsense. The Law of Vibration is not real, to put it bluntly. These vague explanations are designed for the average folk who are predisposed to believing in such things and are not versed in the field of Physics, Biology or Psychology for that matter.

Now, karma. It is true that the way we treat others affects how we are treated, since we will not earn the trust of others if we act badly towards them, and make them feel unhappy, thus making them subconsciously dislike us. However to say that there is some unseen force or "universal energy" is once again, not true.

Acting with love, gratitude and compassion is important because it makes us and those around us happy. But we must never forget to not be naive, for there indeed are malevolent people out there and there certainly is suffering. We indeed must act with love, but if we detect deliberate bad intentions in others then we must call it out and act accordingly.

Strong emotion (desire) and self-belief (faith; not becoming discouraged and continuing to try through failure) are necessary for goal accomplishment, but they must be combined with hard work and dedication. Sitting around visualizing won't get you anywhere.

Idle talk and gossip is a waste of time I agree.

Do give out your best and be loving to all others, but never forget about why you're doing it.

Also your heart is an organ, not an emotional centre. All of your emotions occur in your mind, and can be manipulated, changed, ignored or amplified through thought. You can easily think your way into sadness and depression, but likewise happiness and contentment in the present moment. Though sometimes it is a biological issue, for instance in the case of low serotonin levels, which is often just a cognitive issue in disguise (due to the individuals attributional biases), though may require medication (in some cases). Anyway, all of your issues are in the mind. You can be content being in a concentration camp, as in the case of Viktor Frankl.

Check this out for some more insight:

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