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This is less of a post and more of a rant. Perhaps you can relate?

I live in a shared house where a series of tenants have come and gone (mostly middle aged men). Most of them (especially the ones here for shorter stays) seem to treat me as a sort of therapist. It could be because it's a poor area that most of the people coming and going are down-and-out in some way to be renting a room in such a dump at their ages but I can't handle being put upon every time I'm in front of them.

Another typical behaviour is just before they leave them trying to bring up sexual topics/use sexual language to absorb my reaction to probably use it as part of a mastabatory fantasy later on (which is quite depressing) or they simply outright try it on with me assuming they might just be able to get a parting fling out of the situation (in other words obtain permission to use my body to make their d*ck feel good). I find this behaviour parasitic and disgusting. They seem to find it acceptable and each seem to assume they are the first person to do this. It is depressing and tiring.

Finally there are some other women in the house but one of them has now also started treating me as a daily therapist and she has had a very difficult life but I just want my housemates to leave me alone. To talk about appropriate daily things and remain acquaintances.

I wish I could say I am not a live in therapist. This is not a brothel with a complimentary one night stand in it when they leave.

I can't afford to move or get my own place. I feel even if I could live somewhere say £50 more a month it'd be a similar standard of housing and similar standard of co-tenants.

I have no family (estranged from them as was abused in childhood) so renting rooms is my only housing option at this time.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for posting this. I guess I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing or how they improved on this?
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i say write a journal and turn into a fictional kitchen sink memoir :borat:
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(Original post by Bang Outta Order)
i say write a journal and turn into a fictional kitchen sink memoir :borat:
Thanks. Well, I've been hunting on for somewhere else and have literally just got back from a viewing just now where I said I'd take the place. It's in a different area and the current tenants are long term so hoping it'll be a better bet.

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