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Hello all!

The following is a list of guidelines that have been drafted up for the News and Current Affairs section. The section aims to focus on current events happening around the world at the moment, and as such debate/discussion here should follow that

1) Please do adhere to all TSR community guidelines as per usual:

2) As this is a debating forum, please do not resort to personal attacks. Debate the point, not the person.

3) Discussions should be based on a current news story, so try and include a link to the story. If there is no news source, or if you're looking to start a more general discussion, please do make a thread in another section of D&CA.

4) Please make OP's as unbiased as possible. You can include your view at the bottom of the OP, but the main text should reflect the news story you are discussing. Try to include some questions to start the debate off.

5) Any explicit content is forbidden, given this is a site for all to use, and is accessible in schools. Thus, please do not post anything of such nature, for example pictures or videos that are graphic in nature (such as when relating to terrorist incidents).

6) In the case of a major incident/news story, a Volunteer Team member or Forum Helper will normally designate a thread as the main one to use for that story. If there's more than one thread on the topic, we'll combine them so everyone can discuss in one place.

7) Anything Brexit-related goes in the UK Politics section. Do start Brexit related threads there. Anything here will be moved to UK Politics.

8) Please do not bump old threads (Threads greater than 3 months old). Stories that are potentially a continuation of past stories can simply have a new thread started with all the relevant information.


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Thanks for sharing with us.

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