UCL MSc Public Policy or Bristol Senior Status Law

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Hey everyone, an international offer holder here. My first degree is in Economics and Politics. I'm really confused between doing senior status law at Bristol (MA Law) or the MSc Public Policy at UCL.

I speak and write well, and really enjoyed the academic writing I did as an undergrad. On one hand I have heard all my life that I would make a fantastic lawyer- I'm also really good at logic and reasoning and stuff and scored very well on the LNAT and the LSAT which I took to keep my options open in North America. On the other hand, I would absolutely love to study in London and going to UCL seems like a dream but I don't know if an MSc in Public Policy would be worth it and if it's a step down from Economics or Law. I don't want to go to UCL just because I have some idealised impression of it. My excitement about UCL is much more about going to UCL than the degree itself which I do not mind but I am unsure if it is my best option. Where I'm from, people with Economics degrees can find decently paying jobs but a very large number of Politics graduates from really good schools are jobless. However, I think Public Policy is a generally more respected and gives good job opportunities albeit mostly in the government or public sector compared to IR, for example. If the UCL degree isn't that great I also have an offer to do a coursework MSc Economics at a university comparable to UCL ranking-wise close to my home but it doesn't make me as excited as going to UCL and I honestly do not enjoy economics that much compared to politics and IR, although I'd happily do Economics at UCL. I was rejected by UCL Economics for reference. How would you rank my two options?

Please give me your honest opinion and I am sorry if I offended anyone, I really am not trying to be elitist or anything, I'm just very worried and confused about what to do as this involves a lot of my family's hard earned money and my time.

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