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Home from Home - How to Combat Homesickness at University

It's official. Freshers Week has ended, you're completely moved into your halls of residence and lectures have started. How are you feeling?

At this stage, some people may struggle with the sudden reality of being a student, especially when living away from home for the first time. It is so important to know that this can be very common – You aren’t the only one who may be missing their home comforts and surroundings!

We’ve come up with ten tips to help you battle any signs of homesickness in the first semester. If you have any more, please feel free to share them!

1. Try not to panic or get worked up with yourself.

Do not blame yourself if you find that you are struggling to cope with these feelings. Everyone is in the same boat, which is why it’s so important to not give up at the first hurdle. Moving to university is a HUGE step, and sometimes the first few weeks of being completely independent can be tough. This is why it’s so important to take care of yourself. Make sure you are sleeping well, eating properly and not overworking yourself. Take it all one day at a time – We are only human!

2. Socialize

It can be easy to shut yourself away when you feel upset, but this will only make you feel even lonelier! Try to make a real effort when getting to know the people in your accommodation, and also in your course. Why don’t you suggest cooking a meal together, or having a movie night? Company is truly the biggest comfort when you feel down, especially whilst being away from home.

3. Home comforts

Take a look around your student accommodation. Is it cosy, clean and homely? If not, it’s definitely a great suggestion to consider ways of making your bedroom a complete zone for relaxation and happiness. Sometimes just small personal belongings from your bedroom at home, such as your own duvet or photographs of family, can really make a big difference. If you need any tips, check out our Accommodation Guide!

4. Stay in touch

Keep a balance between your contact with friends, family and university. Sometimes a few phone calls a week, or even a weekly Skype call can really help you feel more at ease and settled. Don’t forget about your friends from home – Keep in regular contact and support each other in this next chapter of your lives!

5. Seek support

If it has gotten to the stage where you feel too upset to attend your classes, or interact with your flat and classmates – Seek help. You are absolutely not the only one who has done so before. Contact your Student Services Team. They have so many facilities that will help you take control of your situation, and guide you to the best possible outcome for you. Remember, you are absolutely not alone.

Student Development and Wellbeing Team

Mental Health (SDW)T: 291 3427
E: [email protected]

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Hi - sorry you haven't had a response to this yet. I'm just going to bump the thread in the hope that someone sees this and can help

Why do I do this?

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Or if you have questions, get in touch with Puddles the Monkey.

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