Is Code Academy or is there any better websites to learn coding?

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I've just started coding on CA.
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Codecademy is good to get a nice, gentle intro to learning a programming language, (such as syntax and learning some of the terminology) but it doesn't really teach you how to 'be a programmer', which is more about what you actually do with a programming language.

Programming itself isn't really about the language - it's all about problem solving, and the language(s) you learn are tools in your inventory to help you solve them. You need to focus on the core skill of computational thinking, which is the mindset of learning to think in terms of a computer - i.e. how to express the solution to a problem using programming language constructs. The analytical skills are also important and being able to take a problem and break it down into smaller, solvable problems.

You didn't mention which language you've started with (I'd suggest sticking to one at a time; building an in-depth of understanding of programming itself, rather than worrying about multiple languages. Broadly speaking, programming is the same in any of the well-known programming languages)

(Note - not all the languages on Codecademy are programming languages - for example, HTML and CSS are for expressing the appearance of websites/web apps, and SQL is a language used for getting data in and out of a database). A good human-friendly language to start out with is Python due to its clean, simple syntax and the huge wealth of information you can find about Python online.

Some Python resources worth looking at:
- Free online Python course from University of Michigan:
- Official Python documentation for authoritative information about Python:
- Python errors and how to understand them:
- StackOverflow - the most important site on the internet for programming problems:

The top bit of advice I can suggest is just to keep on practicing; if you follow the Py4E courses, make sure you do tackle all the problem sets to give yourself the challenge you need to help you get into the problem-solving mindset.
For further practice, try working through solving the practice problems on Hackerrank:

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