my best friend thinks i like her boyfriend? Watch

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me and the guy have been bestfriends since before they dated but ever since them weve been getting closer, lately they arent on best terms and they often dont speak to eachothers and ****, and like a few weeks ago she broek up with him but i helped him and her and convinced them to get back together. but now they dont speak alot meanwhile me and him are kinda getting closer. and i just found out today that she thinks i like him, and that us getting closer is going somewhere. so she talked behind my back with my other bestfriends and said that i’m being extra close with him and like she wants me to become less close to him? but like they both are my bestfriends and i sont want to change my relationship with neither? what should i do?
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The first question you need to ask yourself is do you actually like the guy (in that way)? ;

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