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In an ideal world I would love to study architecture, but I haven't got an artistic mind and wouldn't be able to form a decent portfolio in the time I have. I studied Physics, Chemistry, and Maths at A-Level and got AAB respectively. I was thinking of studying civil engineering as it's the most broad right and would give me the best prospects i guess. But considering my yearn for architecture I thought architectural engineering might be better? I don't understand the differences between civil and architectural though except that civil focuses on structures other than just buildings such as bridges.
Now I've also seen that strucutural engineering is another option, especially the structural engineering with architecture degree at Edinburgh. Can some shed some light on how these degrees differ and which is the most useful.

I'm also worried about architectural or structural engineering not being as respected as civil. Does anyone have any thoughts about that too.

Thanks for all your help.
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hey i've applied to that course!! i guess it depends on each course for each uni, considering how niche it is atm. if you're wanting more architecture, apply for a course "with architecture" instead (glasgow and edi?), those are the ones i've seen w the most architecture/studio work. also UCL's eng/architecture course? i've also picked cardiff's, lpool's, and leed's arch engineering as they're more engineeringy over architectural - each uni differs a fair amount w this course so check the modules on the website and go for what you like best (: also all of them are certified by the same structural and civil engineering board as far as i'm aware so i wouldn't worry so much about that, but if you want RIBA cert too, try sheffield and ucl? good luck!!
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Hi MariumKazmi and charlotte2705,

Seems like you;re pretty clued-up! Congratulations!

Heriot-Watt Uni, where I work, is also in Edinburgh: it's an awesome place to live, and study! We offer an Architectural Engineering course: and like charlotte says, we're also accredited- n our case by CIBSE and the EI, instead of the RIBA or the IStructE, or ICE. You can become a professional 'Chartered Engineer' with any of these: it's about the focus of the course, which one accredits what.

Our Architectural Engineering course is *not* Architecture: the easiest explanation I have is that we focus on how buildings work, and designing that, whereas Architecture focuses more on the layout and form. There is overlap, of course. Architectural Engineering has more technical side: how does the heating work? Can the solar panels meet all the electricity demand? Can we design it to minimise the need for artificial lighting? can we recycle the waste and conserve water? etc etc.

I think it's fascinating- but then I would say, that, wouldn't I? :rolleyes:

Final word: Architecture can be a tricky profession to find a graduate job, and have low starting salaries. Our MEng Architectural Engineering course is one of the oldest and best in the country: it's known by employers and our grads are snapped up! We have a 100% employment record for all of our MEng Architectural Engineering graduates: and not in any old job, but with high-quality industry employers, in the UK and overseas.

If you like 'working out how things work', enjoy physics, design or geography, have a good grasp of maths, and are passionate about sustainability and making our lives ready for the threats of climate change etc.... we want you on our course! Apply!

Whether or not our course is for you- feel free to ask me any more questions- I know it's all complex :dontknow:. We're here to help!

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