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I'm at university and it's my first year and I've been given my first report to do which is about encouraging people to attend hearing check ups.

So I'd like some advice pleased because we have to come up with a solution and I've decided my solution is to make hearing check ups compulsory.
Yet how can the government make attendance to hearing check ups compulsory?
I'm thinking off having something like a paper that gets stamped so it informs the NHS of whose attended and those who haven't get fined?

Is that a good idea? Just need some advice.

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Read the question or rubric carefully - you mention the word 'encouraging' so perhaps that's how they want you to approach i, as opposed to legislating for it. After all, if making them compulsory was a good idea then job done, there'd be no need to consider how to encourage people.

Also, if you going to get fined for not attending these tests, then there's still going to be a subset of people who are gonna get fined. Like, it's compulsory to pay the TV licence, or pay back your debts, but people get imprisoned for not doing so. Then it means there's a category of people who have missed out on hearing tests. Maybe they tried or thought about this and realised it would be problematic. Sounds as if the challenge is to think about a carrot approach, rather than the stick. Think about subtle ways to change peoples behaviour, rather than threaten them with a fine. This kind of softly softly approach is all the rage these days. Look at Malcolm Gladwell's book 'The Tipping Point'.

The bit about having a paper that gets stamped is nice. Perhaps you can use that in another idea.

Think about how to incentivise people, perhaps by leveraging relationships. For example:

Aimed at Children & Appealing to parents - Did you know hearing loss can affect your child's chances of obtaining national average GSCE results? To ensure the best educational chances for your child, book them in for a series of free hearing tests. They will get a sticker book to fill out and stickers after each test.

Aimed at elderly & appealing to adult children - Hearing loss in Seniors can lead to falls and other accidents. Bring seniors in your care for a free hearing test.

Aimed at adults - Look after your health if you have dependants or seniors to look after, etc, etc

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