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Hello, I am a student who currently takes a BTEC Law, CILEx and furthermore an EPQ course. I am completing extensive research on Robbery and Burglary for my EPQ topic. My interest in robbery and burglary has developed from cases and recent events of this generation. I wanted to receive some feedback from anyone who does an EPQ course and any advice from then. However I also have a number of questions about Robbery and Burglary. If you have an opinion on any/all of the questions please leave your opinions with the number of the question next to it. I will be so grateful to anyone who chooses to answer.
Thank you!

1 When do you believe it is the most common time for robbery/burglary to occur?
2 What is the difference between robbery and burglary?
3 What appeals to a burglar/robber?
4 Why do you think the crime of burglary and robbery are becoming more popular?
5 Who do you believe is targeted when it comes to robber/burglary e.g. families, teenagers, elderly or higher class/lower class?
6 Is there any burglary/robbery cases that come to mind when associated with success?
7 Why do you think the criminals of theft and burglary commit the crime?
8 Where is the most common place for a burglary to occur? E.g. house, shop, bank or places.
9 How do burglars/robbers get away with the crime (not get caught)?
10 Do you believe police chose not to resolve robbery/burglary cases due to the lack of success?

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