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I'm studying MSc Child Development so I found myself a casual job working with an 18yo & 22yo with autism.

The job wasn't quite what I was expecting from the advert for many reasons but the mother just explained the job as using enthusiasm and child-led play to work with them. Sounded fine to me.

As I get into this job and begin the training, I start learning about this "program" that she was using, created and based in the US.
They claim that they can "cure" autism through "loving" and "accepting" the child. There is no evidence backing this up, apart from a few badly done articles, obviously. This is an expensive method, costs up to $17,000 for parents and seems really weird.

But the thing that made me the most uncomfortable was the encouragement to LOCK the children into the room during the sessions so they can't leave or "be distracted". I never did this but all the "trainers" of the method suggest it, they do it at their centre in the US and the mother would tell me "oh you should be locking the door really" multiple times.

I quit, not only because of this program but the mother was also difficult to work with- constant unhelpful criticism of my sessions (there was CCTV in the rooms), not telling me the code for their front door so I couldn't leave on my own, mother just being argumentative and difficult...

A few people have told me I need to report it but I just need some reassurance that reporting would be the right thing to do, if anything would be done, and where is the best place to report this? is the program if you're interested in looking it up.

TLDR: Weird autism treatment method requests I lock kids into the room with me and also claims to "cure" autism. Should I report and where?
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You should definitely report it because that is as you have said unethical. Not only because they're leading these parents to believe that their children will be cured (when at the minute there is no known cure) but more importantly because it encourages you to mistreat children. You should definitely get out of it now and report it.
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this is definitely wrong and should be reported to someone with authority in your country

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