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I am a third year BSc Sport Science student. I was allowed to transfer over into the final year of a BSc (at an undisclosed university) from HND level 5 sport science at college. Whilst I was happy to do so I soon realised firstly how little that I had been taught at college and how far I was behind for a third year BSc student. I had not been taught any statistics at college or notified that I would need a background in statistics going into BSc sport science. I had no applied physiology or biomechanics modules at college although was expected be highly proficient in the use of specialist equipment as a third year BSc sport science student. All second year students had an entire module setting them up for their dissertations with supervisors being assigned to them in second year, I did not. Essentially I am having to do three years worth of work in one year. I did not receive a timetable for the first four weeks and was not assigned a supervisor for my dissertation until two days before the deadline for the ethics application to be submitted. I wasn't even given an module selection sheet on coming to the university in order to choose third year modules, nor was I on any registers and had to remind my lecturers that i am a student. As a result of this my mental health has rapidly declined as I have been going sometimes three days without sleep in order to complete work and read enough to be as competent as other students. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. All in all this has caused me great physiological damage as mental illness does. I am going to the students union so to complain and am currently undergoing counselling through the university mental health service. I don't know who's at fault whether it is the university for not notifying me of all the elements third year entails and being negligent, my old college for not teaching me properly or me for being ignorant to the way university works.

Are there grounds to claim against my university or college? Was just wondering if anyone might have some answers. Thank you for your time in reading.
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