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Hey guys,

I'm really struggling with something at the moment. My boyfriend is away at Sandhurst for his officer training and we just had our first weekend together after 5 weeks apart. The time away was hard, but I've got a busy life where I am at uni so it went quite quickly.

I got used to the routine of phone calls and I looked forward to seeing him at the end. The time together was really great, but we didn't get much time alone together as we went to his family home and they're really close so I quite often feel a bit out of the loop (they are lovely and would never make me feel left out for a second).

He has a few close elderly family friends who he wanted to see as well (I love that he's kind to these friends and wants to see them, they really appreciate it) , but all in all it meant that we didn't get alot of time alone together and I really struggled with that.

I felt really teary the whole day before he left again (this time only for three weeks) and I tried to keep it in all day because he had lots of family round. By the end of the day I ended up bursting into tears, which I don't think is very fair on him, he's the one going back to the hard life!

I'm really trying to be the best girlfriend I can by asking nothing of him that would stress him out like when he might be free or expecting him to call me loads, or making him spend time with me when I know how important it is for him to see his family, but I just find saying goodbye really hard. I feel guilty today for letting the emotion out because I could see it worried him and he even asked if it was still working for me because he could see that it was hard on me, him being away. I told him of course, that it's always worth the wait and that I love him. I think it will be OK, but I'm just struggling with the pressure I put on myself to be a perfect girlfriend and trying to not burden him with the way I feel because I know he's going through a lot at training.

Some advice would be really appreciated!!
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Relax, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

I think you are being a good girlfriend already.
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Showing how much you care for him through emotions is NOT a bad thing 🙂

He will likely appreciate just how much you think of him!

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