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How interesting and passionate the Poppy wearing discussions have been- I also think we need to reflect that Britain was somewhat pacifist in the inter war years- after all, the horrors of the Somme in WW 1 and other places of carnage , which even one hundred-plus years on the names of which haunt us still, were fresh and vivid in peoples memories- " never again" it was said: how hollow those words ring now.

Churchill in the thirties felt he was a voice crying out from the wilderness when he warned of the rise of the Nazis - people at that time looked upon him as a blundering imperialistic war monger, his reputation still tainted by the disastrous Dardenelles campaign of WW 1. Many thought if we ignored the problem, it would go away- well go away it didn`t.

Neville Chamberlain may have come over as naive with the message "peace in our time" - but in many ways this was the act of a shrewd politician who new full well that had we gone to war in `38 ,which we were close to doing, it is highly unlikely we would have pulled through- this bought time to build up enough arnaments, especially modern fighter aircraft such as the embryo Spitfire, and more Hurricanes which then we were woefully short of.

WW2 was touch and go enough as it was: it is a sobering thought that had Hitler given his commanders a free hand instead of meddling with their plans the Nazis could have easily turned it all in their favour , almost to the end.

Had they developed the atomic bomb earlier, had the V1 and especially the V2 terror rockets come as little as six months earlier, even if Donitz had his wish, denied by Hitler, for as little as another six U boats for The Battle of The Atlantic ,the list goes on, WW2 could have easily gone their way.

And remember this: until 1941 Hitler had a non aggression pact with Stalin`s Russia- another equally hideous regime.

As for Churchill , in 1940 after Dunkirk it was very much "cometh the hour, cometh the man".
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We don't need another one of these threads. There's already about 4 on the go

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