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Hello TSR,

I am doing an animated, 2minute production on anxiety, and how it affects your everyday life as a student. I feel mental health conditions as a whole are still very much stigmatised by society, therefore the aim of this project is to raise more awareness. I do not suffer with anxiety myself, yet I’ve witnessed its effects on my younger brother and his everyday struggles are heartbreaking to see.

Which brings me to TSR. Does anybody here have any stories on how anxiety has affected your college/university life? Has there been a particular moment that stood out to you where your anxiety got the better of you/ or you managed to overcome it? …or even people’s reactions to you telling them you suffer with the condition? It can be a positive or negative experience.I would love to hear your individual stories and potentially tell one of them, (with your permission of course) as student’s mental health is such a prevalent, yet unspoken about issue we need to bring to light. Anonymous posts are also very welcome

Thank you for your time -Georgie
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I won an award at an event in London as I was studying Photography and one of the projects was for the competition. I came 3rd. Collecting the award and having to do TV and Radio interview was very uneasy for me.

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