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It’s both our first actual relationship so I understand that things may be a bit weird at the start. I’ve been told that she has said she loves me, I love her too and I will tell her everyday if I have to, but she seems hesitant to say it to me or use the term boyfriend for me. Don’t really know how to feel because we’ve had chats and she’s said that she’s new to it all and needs to feel comfortable, I totally get that and I’m trying my best to make her feel that way and she says that I am doing that. Although sometimes it seems like she doesn’t want to be in the relationship with me although she has said that she does. We don’t get chance to see each other often and I think I’m trying a lot harder to arrange times than she is. Kind of feel like I’m putting more effort in, only feel like this when we are talking over text or not at all, but if we are on a FaceTime or in person then it feels amazing. I’m fully willing to wait for it to feel and be like a proper relationship because it will be worth it, but I do worry that it might not happen. Anyone got any advice they could give me? PM me if needed
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Perhaps she is conflicted. Maybe she's struggling to make sense of her feelings, wether she likes you romantically or as a friend. Give her time and she'll tell you how she feels, theres always a chance that she's just nervous/shy around you as she's new to this kind of thing. Don't put too much pressure on her to confess how she feels, it won't make it any easier. Try and be gentle, don't bug her too spend time with you, it'll work out in the end

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