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I'm at college and I'm doing Biology, law and English language and was wondering what kind of courses that could get me on for Uni as they are very varying subjects and not similar at all. Any suggestions that would most likely lead to a job afterwards would be helpful. Thanksss
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Hi Sam

I am not able to offer suggestions as our service is impartial however I can offer some simple tools to help you to look at your options and make an informed decision about the best course for you.

One tool is the SACU A-Level Match which allows you to put in your A-Levels and it generates 2 lists of degree options. One is a list of degree options which students have done with those A-Levels and the other is a list of degree options students have done with similar A-Levels. Be sure to check both lists to see a full range of options:' />0

Another tool you can use helps to forward plan from your degree to your career. Once you have narrowed down your options you can look at the prospects section "What can I do with my degree" which gives you a range of degree specialisms. If you click on the ones you are interested in it will show a list of careers directly related to your degree and a list of careers where your degree would be useful. Again you could check both lists to widen your options. Each career is a hyperlink to a Job profile which will tell you more about the job:

If you need any further support in planning your career you could contact the National Careers Service helpline to have an expert adviser talk through your options. You can contact the helpline every day between 8am and 10pm on 0800 100 900 or you can also contact them through the website:

I hope this helps to give you a starting point for ideas for your degree but if you need a little more help please feel free to get in touch with the helpline.
Good luck in your A-Level's and uni applications!

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