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Right,I’m 16 and me and my child hood friend,we have been friends since we were 4 but we had drifted and earlier on in the year I have been in a 7 months relationship but that ended.I was invited to my child hood friends party and he put his arm around me and I shoved him off and then a couple of days I realised I liked him..after all these years.I told him and told him that I’m sorry for making you bad and etc but he admitted he was upset about it or what ever and we were going to meet up and he said he is confused and doesn’t want to make the same mistake again after o told him I’m sorry and it wouldn’t happen again and etc etc..I feel really bad that I hurt his feelings and i really do like him ...I asked him why is he still so bothered about the whole situation and he never replied so I’m going to give him some time..any advice ???

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Should there be a new university admissions system that ditches predicted grades?

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