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Question 4.
A student said:

“Although you might think that the shark is the villain in the book, the writer shows you what an impressive and beautiful animal it is.” To what extent do you agree?


I agree with the statement that the shark is a beautiful animal. It shows in this quotation “caused them to glow, casting a mantle of sparks over fish”. This shows the shark is casting this light that makes the other fish glow and sparkle and create a beautiful image. The verb “casting” can also mean forming or emitting in terms of magic (mainly in witch’s term) and it suggest the shark is creating this illumination and light to the other fish, so the other fish is beautiful to the viewers eyes. Also, the very “casting” also means someone created something for others, in this case the shark is “sharing” its beauty for the fish to look attractive and beautiful by emitting light. The preposition “over” shows it’s directly not there, it might mean the other fishes beauty is not directly for them, it showcases that someone create it for them, and that someone is the shark. The reader may portray a different view on the shark, and might start to like them which is rare since humans are very scared of the sharks. The writer may do this to create a different intention of the shark and may question the reader about their opinions on sharks being “evil”.

Furthermore, I agree with the statement that the shark is very impressive. It shows in this quotation “the fish sensed a change in the seas rhythm”. This shows the shark is very skilful since it is very experienced in the sea and is very adaptable to the sea. The verb “sensed” shows the shark is able to sense things that humans can’t, it shows how remarkable and admirable the shark is to finding it’s “pray”, meanwhile the human woman in the extract seams to not understand about the seas and is unaware about the sharks presence compare to the shark she seems to be useless and an amateur in the sea and is unable to use her sense. The verb “change” shows the shark is aware about the change of the seas rhythm shows it’s very used to the sea currents as if it’s house or element, this empathises the impressive ability that the shark has along with sensing things humans can’t. The reader may feel the shark is very remarkable and admirable at its job of hunting and finding it’s pray, the reader may be immersed about the sharks’ skills since it seems “inhumane” and “unrealistic”. The writer may do this to show how sea creatures like the sharks are very clever at its habitat unlike the inexperienced woman in the extract and are very skilled at using its sense and can even sense things humans can’t

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