evaluating determinism as a debate.

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Hi everyone, I’m struggling to see how the evidence I’ve been given can be worded in to an evaluation point. I’m usually very good but as determinism is an evaluation in its self I can’t seem to structure a response. My textbook says : ‘Attempts in us criminal cases of murderers claiming their behaviour was biologically determined by inheritance of aggressive tendencies. As a result, they should not be punished. Stephen Mobley killed a pizza shop manager in 1981 claimed this happened because he was born to kill as evidenced by his family history of violence. His argument was rejected & he was sentenced to death. In practice, the deterministic position may be undesirable because it allows individuals to excuse behaviour.
Further issues in treatment of mental disorders, with a deterministic view we would believe disorder to be in an individual’s biology and as a result we would treat genetics or neurotransmitters. Such deterministic treatment may then block consideration of other treatments that may be beneficial such as CBT.’ I understand the evidence but can’t see how I could begin a response as such, the point in a PEE paragraph. The evidence was titled 'does it matter?’ But I’m struggling to understand. Any suggestions how I’d begin a PEE paragraph with this evidence ?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thankyou !!

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