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Tesco Pension for Staff

If you pay into the Tesco pension fund as a colleague, when you withdraw it, do you get 100% if it back? Or do they keep some of it? I have recently started at Tesco and don’t know whether to (or how to) opt out of the pension scheme. Does anyone know anything about this please?

Also, how do you know your employee number? Apparently you can find it on your payslip but I don’t have one - how can you get a paper payslip?

As well as this, one time I didn’t clock out. Does this mean that the next time I clocked in ( nearly a week later) it actually recognised me as clocking out? Someone please help - what do I need to do? Is all my clocking out of sync now or does the system pick it up and change it?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you
At my Tesco we get payslips emailed to us rather than paper ones. The password to view the payslip is your date of birth. Things may be different at your store but it doesn't affect wages or anything if you don't clock in or out, obviously it helps if you do but you don't lose out if you forget the odd once or twice.
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