More UNO bus route diversions due to roadworks

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In addition to the 602 route diversion as mentioned previously, there are also temporary changes to routes 341, 601 and 635 .

Go to twitter feed for more info , for all Hertfordshire Travel info,. go to / service disruptions / twitter which is Hertfordshire County Council`s own transport site.

Hertfordshire CC is having a big push on getting outstanding road works up to date- Central Government has made more money available to county authorities for road repairs, following the massive funding cuts in 2010 onwards which left councils having to cut back drastically on many services.

Perhaps CG realises at long last that allowing essential infrastructure to deteriorate to the extend some of the roads have instead of having regular ppm ( planned preventive maintenance) is penny wise, pound foolish, and not such a smart idea after all....

Unfortunately as we know the ongoing road works cause disruption whatever time or way they are done....with our congested roads it`s simply a case of there is never an ideal time to fit these in.

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