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Debate and Current Affairs is recruiting!

Hello there!

I'm @CatusStarbright, one of the Volunteer Section Leaders (VSL) for the Debate and Current Affairs forum. @Saracen's Fez is our other VSL.

The D&CA team is always looking for enthusiastic TSR users to join us as a Forum Helper.

The role involves facilitating a good standard of debate and conversation on all manner of topics by creating quality threads and providing constructive replies to other users. Forum Helpers can also propose new ideas for the section and get involved with different projects being run by the D&CA team, such as the weekly news quizzes, Curriculum Conversations and tournaments.

Visit the Volunteer Hub for more information.

If you decide you would like to volunteer, or have any questions in relation to the role, then please do make a thread in the applications forum.

We look forward to seeing your application!
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