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Hello everyone!

I'm MrDystopia, and I'm the section leader of Debate and Current Affairs. The D&CA team is looking for helpful individuals to join as a Community Assistant (the training stage before joining the full Support Team) in helping move the section forward.

The goal is to try and build an environment in which thoughts and opinions can be shared freely, enabling for a good standard of debate and conversation on all manner of topics. This would be via posting, content creation and generally assisting in ultimately fostering a sense of community in the section. For more information, see the Volunteer Hub:

A law perspective on current affairs is always welcome, and will help apply the knowledge learnt to real world events/affairs. Plus the role would give you the ability to demonstrate this through content creation.

If you would like to volunteer, or just have any more questions on the role, then please do make a thread in the CA Application section here:

Thank you! Image
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