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What i dont get is this WHY DO THEY MAKE THE TESTS BIGGER???!!!! my mate did his in 2017 it was out of 80 now its out of 110 or 120 WHY?? am no smart guy All i want is a C and am probably not gonna get it cuz they make the tests bigger why is that its like they want us people that dont do so well to fail and fell humiliated because we got like 40 overall but in 2017 that would of been 50% now its 36% WTF why do the SQA do this?????!!!
Moved to the National 5 maths thread, as the other one was 2 years old...Previously, the Nat 5 maths papers were out of 90 (split as 40 and 50), but now they are out of 110 (50 and 60)...At the end of the day, it is still out of 100%.
I'm in agreement with you in that I don't really agree with the SQA making them longer, as it seems like a bit of a backwards step, and teachers are still going to give some form of unit assessments anyway, so the reason of wanting to lessen how much candidates are examined, to me at least, isn't a great one.
However, in terms of what is required to get each grade, as a notional percentage this is not affected by the changes, and there hasn't been anything to suggest that candidates are worse off (as if they are doing worse, grade boundaries will reflect this). I'm pretty sure that the proportion of 'C level questions' within the papers also hasn't changed, so you shouldn't be at a disadvantage to candidates in previous years.

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