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My sister is currently studying Biomedical Science and like many other students across the country, most of them want to study further, especially into the field of Medicine. However, for students like my sister and many others in a very similar situation, they can't afford to live out after doing their first degree.
Not only do they have to pay for studying further, but they have to self-accommodate and live up to their own expenses. For intense courses such as Medicine and Dentistry, it is very difficult to work as well as study to get where they want. Most importantly, if they get help from local universities and the government, we would have less pressure on us and more qualified doctors and dentists would be around, not causing a lack of professional problems for the whole community/government.

My sister decided to open up this petition for a specific university, University of Hertfordshire, to introduce the course of Medicine. Not only will this benefit her and her friends, it will benefit many many local people in the eastern/southern region of the country. She has come across many international students who struggle to earn their first degree, and would like to do another degree but cannot afford to apply for a transfer from university to university.

Most universities that do Biomedical Science transfers to Medicine are in the London region; there are over 200 students currently in my year of BSc Biomedical Science who would like to study further but unfortunately, are unable to afford the transfer.

The more people that sign this petition, the more students will be able to get into a less pressurised university to study medicine and the more qualified Doctors there would be. It will also give the university the recognition it needs and helps many international students from around the world, as Hertfordshire is a very good and lenient university for students across the globe. Bringing such talent to the country is a great advantage for all of us.

So for those who want to avoid worrying about paying for accommodation or for those who simply want to commute as it's local to them, click the link below and with a few simple steps, sign the petition. Also, if you're still in college and are thinking of doing Biomedical Science at the University of Hertfordshire leading up to medicine, contribute with the petition and have your voices heard.

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