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I just feel like i should be out doing stuff and not just sitting in my room all day after lectures and intros which is what im currently doing. Most people are in bed all day due to going out and then go out at night which i cant do due to being 17.

But thank your telling me some people don't make a good friendship for a while, i know it can take time but i though by now i would at least have a couple of people i could call "friends"
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I know how bad it feels to be 17 when it seems like everyone else is 18! Especially if you're in uni, and it seems like everyone else are socializing and meeting new people, and it's true, a lot of people make new friends by going out. And it really sucks, I've been there... You could try to get involved in a society, that is a great way to make new friends. Just don't worry. You're still new, things seem scary but it will get better. Can't tell you it will be an amazing time being 17, it's definitely the worst age. Just hang on in there, things will get better!

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