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what does conflict mean to you?
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(Original post by loislardner)
what does conflict mean to you?
I guess it would be a difference of opinions, with some level of confrontation, aggression etc to it.
So there's a bunch of people in the who don't like cats. I do like cats. There's no conflict between me and random cat hater 372 because we are unaware of each other (until I just broke the 4th wall at least) and minding our own business.
If somebody says to me they hate cats and I'm like "oh no I like cats. What a shame you don't." and we both just shrug our shoulders and move into talking about the weather there still no conflict despite our differing opinions because theres no confrontation or argument started. We're fine having those different opinions and can still get along.
But then theres random cat hater 86 and she sees my cat shirt and starts ranting about how cats are so mean and knock things off tables and how stupid I am to like cats. That's a conflict cos she's getting all up in my business over our differing opinions and being confrontational. Bonus points if she starts calling me rude words or if I slap her in the face.
Then maybe random cat hater 32 and I are discussing our views on cats at the bus stop and start to debate. He says they are antisocial and I say they aren't cos my cat comes and says hi while I'm watching TV. His bus arrives, we wave, thank each other for helping to pass the time and continue with our day's. With that we're not agreeing with each other and we're challenging each other's views, but we aren't getting angry about it and are keeping it PG. That's borderline conflict in that there's that challenging of ideas and it's kinda almost a confrontation, but it's still not a real conflict because there's no aggression or risk or anything. It's like conflict lite- same great taste with half the increase in heart rate and zero added yelling.
And finally we have random cat haters 25 through 31 having a big twitter fight with Miss Whiskers Cat Tunes. They're getting personal and threatening to throw eggs at her studio and making mean comments. A bunch of cat lovers are coming to her defence by also getting aggressive and saying the cat haters should be neutered. That's also conflict but on a bigger scale and not direct in a person on person sense like the other example.
So basically I guess conflict is confrontational and more intense difference of opinions. A fancy way of saying a fight or argument.

I hope that makes sense. I use the example of cats because it's a safe topic since nobody in their right mind could not like cats. I'm not sure you can even dislike cats and still be human.
... And theres a confrontational comment begging to be turned into a conflict.

Please nobody actually start some big cat fight (hehe) over that. I only said it for the sake of an example I promise. D:

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