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Can anybody explain what the doctrine of mandate is? I have a question for my A Level Politics which says “why does this theory argue that the party rather than the individual politics influence the voter?”
Why is this is the case ??
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The concept of the doctrine of the mandate is the principle which interlinked voting as a means of democratic consent to a political party, or in essence and focus is electoral mandate, it’s a doctrine by which parties are held accountable (Lib Dems and tuition fees 2015) by the electorate, parliament holds the government to account (ministers questions and parliamentary scrutiny, but also the assertiveness of the lords), and it ensures MPs tow the party line in terms of voting on government policy as a means of solitary and respect for democracy (though this is controversial).

The whole ideal and scope of your question is perplexing, however the mandate in essence reinforces national politics by the means an Mp under a party banner is subscribed to their policies and ideals and expected to have a consensus on possessing them, this undermines the local politics of mandates by MPs as much of their policies have to be in the party framework and in essence means the party manifesto has a primacy over the individual politics, furthermore the assessment of media, although people take different intakes of media, national policies such as on tax (e.g. dementia tax dubbed by labour) are focused on the national media and more likely to be picked up by the electorate than a local article on promised policy, hence why local second order elections are lower turnout and people have grown more presidential, the doctrine of the mandate has allowed the media to focus on national policies shifting independent politics to national politics.

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